Honor a Veteran


The Veterans Memorial Park honors veterans, living or deceased, by having their names, years of service and branch of service engraved on granite monoliths standing in the park.

Individuals are encouraged to submit an application for yourself or another veteran.  A $100 donation is requested to honor an individual veteran. If unable to pay, please reach out to us via phone or email.

Special Recognition will be afforded at no charge to any veteran who qualifies as POW, KIA, MIA or Medal of Honor recipient.

Click the button below for an application form that you can print, fill out, and mail in. 

CLICK HERE to see lists of names from the four war eras that will be engraved on the monoliths. 

You may also fill out the form below to submit your veteran’s name.

After you click the SUBMIT button, we ask you to visit the Donate Page to make a requested $100 donation, and please enter your veteran’s name in the provided space. However, if you are unable to make even a small donation, please reach out to us via phone or email.

Maximum of 20 characters, including spaces, enter LAST NAME(space)FIRST NAME(space)MIDDLE INITIAL (optional) EXACTLY as you would like it to appear on the granite tablet.
Five characters, as shown below:
USA = United States Army, USN = United States Navy, USMC = United States Marine Corps, USAF = United States Air Force, USCG = United States Coast Guard, USMM = United States Merchant Marine, AAC = Army Air Corps, AAF = Army Air Force
Tell us how you intend to verify this veteran's HONORABLE SERVICE in the US Military. Some common documents used to verify service in the military are: *
Check all that apply, then email the document or a photo of the document.
Special Recognition
This will be afforded at NO CHARGE to any veteran from the Alexandria Area who qualifies as:
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