Progress is Marching Forward!

Standing Like Soldiers on Guard

The Walls of Honor have been poured and are easy to spot when driving by Veterans Memorial Park in Alexandria. Construction activity continues daily on the corner of 8th and Broadway, making it easier to imagine the layout of the park.

Images below show some of the recent developments. Special thanks to architect Greg Bohl of Widseth Smith Nolting for help in understanding what we see in the photos.

Workmen are laying the foundation for the toilet rooms. On the left, we see the beginning of the stoop foundation for the back door. None of this will be visible when the structure is complete.

The back of the Donor Wall is the focal point of this picture. The wall on the right is the third wall of the Pavilion.

The excavator is moving fill into the area in preparation of placement of the sidewalks.

This area is where the monuments from the Douglas County Courthouse lawn will be placed. The Civil War Soldier statue will stand to the left of the big tree.

Another view of the same area. The three foundation piles in the foreground indicate where the three monument slabs that were moved from Douglas and 7th Street will be permanently located.

This view shows the southeast corner of the pentagon shape to be poured. Looking past the blue flag in the right foreground and the stake straight behind it, we can see a stake with the three foundation piles for the Liberty Bell, which will be the central focal point of the park.

Veterans Memorial Park Committee would like to extend special thanks to Alexandria Concrete Company/JME Companies for their donation of all of the concrete used in the park.

Names of veterans are still being accepted to add to the granite monoliths in the park.

Veteran’s names for the Cold War Era and Gulf War Era are being accepted now. If you still wish to submit names from the Early War Era and Global War Era, they will be put on the wall, but no longer in alphabetical order. To submit a veteran’s name to be included, please click here.

Your financial support is still needed.

We are getting closer to reaching our initial goal, but donations are still welcome and needed. We are grateful for donations of any size.  Those giving in excess of $5,000 will be listed on the Wall of Honor as Star Donors.  Learn more and make your donation here: