Remembering Our Veterans

Let No Veteran Be Forgotten

It is more than a catchy phrase.  It is the reason for Veterans Memorial Park.  We want all veterans, living or deceased, to be permanently remembered for their service to our country.  No doubt, as you read this, the names of family members and friends will come to mind. 


We want to honor veterans

That’s why Bobbie Osterberg, Alexandria City Council member, is so enthusiastic in her support of Veterans Memorial Park.  “It uncovered in me a passion I didn’t even know I had.  I got to thinking about the diversity of our veterans and the inclusiveness of this park and the location in downtown Alexandria.  I thought what a wonderful opportunity for our community.”

For her, it brought to mind her grandfather, a Swedish immigrant and veteran of World War I.  Her father is a veteran, having served in World War II.  Two of his brothers also served in World War II, one as a POW. Yet another brother served during the Korean War.  Her husband is a Vietnam veteran and she has nephews currently serving in the military.

We want to remember veterans

Let this be your call to action!  Now is the time to nominate veterans to be remembered at the park.  The first deadline is approaching to receive names of veterans who served in the Early War Era and the Global War Era – this time frame includes the Civil War, Spanish -American War, World War I and World War II.  Those names need to be received by September 30, 2019 for inscription on granite monoliths that will stand in the park.

We also encourage submission of names of veterans from the Cold War Era - including the Korean War and Vietnam War, and from the Gulf War Era which includes the Persian Gulf War up to those honorably discharged from recent military service.

Please click here to submit the names of veterans to be honored at Veterans Memorial Park.

Steve Henning